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Contact Info Update
We no longer utilize a telephone fax system. 
Our voice telephone number has changed to (562)278-2454.
All electronic requests for quotations and information, purchase orders, or other correspondence may be sent to the same email address we have used:
Our mailing address remains unchanged for all postal articles.

The B&M Siren Manufacturing Company was founded in Los Angeles in 1913
by James W Bayless and Lester H Miles.
The first sirens produced were friction driven motorcycle and automotive sirens.
In 1925, B&M began manufacturing automotive electro-mechanical sirens
and patented the first successful coaster siren clutch.
This innovation gave a better warning signal
and vastly increased the lifespan
of siren motors.
Over the last 100 years,
B&M has manufactured other types of sirens
as well, from small 6 inch diameter 1/2 horsepower General
Alarm sirens, up to 20 inch diameter 10 horsepower Air Raid sirens.
As we begin our second century of service, B&M is now focused on its most
accomplished endeavor; manufacturing the highest quality electro-mechanical
sirens available to the emergency responder.  Our plan is to continue to give the best quality of manufacture, the best warranty,
and the highest level of service in the industry.
All B&M sirens are designed and made in the USA.
Components are sourced from companies in the US and Canada.
B&M does not utilize foreign sources that are controlled by repressive regimes.

FDNY Rescue 1 Runs with a B&M Super Chief


B&M Siren introduces a superior, more durable finish:

In keeping with its policy of judicious product refinement, the B&M Siren Manufacturing Company has recently introduced new siren components with exceptional durability of finish.  B&M now manufactures its siren stators and rotor tips with type 316 stainless steel, which has been polished to a fine finish.  The widely acclaimed Super-Chief sirens now carry streamlined covers also made from highly polished stainless steel, rather than the less durable chrome-plated steel previously used.  All new sirens are now produced with these upgraded components and are designated as Series M10.

Careful attention has been paid to all specifications in order to avoid any change to the superior performance of these sirens. 

Due to the environments in which vehicular warning sirens operate, their finish is susceptible to weathering, and even corrosion due to road salts and marine conditions.  The entire line of B&M sirens is now much more resistant to these ill effects, and will hold a long lasting, beautiful finish with a minimum of maintenance.

The B&M Siren Manufacturing Company was founded in Los Angeles in 1913, and has continuously manufactured warning sirens longer than any other firm.  Their superior quality sirens are manufactured in the United States, and components are sourced from the US and Canada.  B&M does not utilize foreign sources which are controlled by repressive governments.