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Genuine Factory Service and Parts

restore before
A rather neglected S8 as received at the B&M Factory
restored antique vintage classic siren fire police ambulance
Restored to Factory-New condition, inside and out! (click to enlarge)

Factory Service

This 50 year-old B&M siren received a complete Factory restoration and upgrade package.  Unless it has been severely damaged, we can restore virtually any B&M siren, of any vintage, to its original factory performance and appearance.  

Every siren is serviced to the customer's specification, from basic mechanical repair
to complete restoration, refinish or upgrade.

Service and restoration work is completed to the finest standard, using only Genuine B&M parts.

We are quite regularly asked to repair sirens which have been 'rebuilt' or 'restored' by persons
claiming to be experts in the field.  (A victim came in recently that had 15 different details that were either done wrong, or wrong parts were used.)  While you are entitled to spend your hard-earned money with these people, please rest assured that no one knows B&M sirens like the B&M factory.  Our rates are reasonable, and with the complete factory inventory at our disposal, we can deal with just about any issue (and use the correct parts in the process).

The B&M Factory also offers professional service, repair, and restoration on all other makes.

"You don't send your starters to a siren shop, why send your sirens to a starter shop?"


Genuine Factory Parts

Please be aware that some components may resemble common 'starter motor' parts.  However, due to the unusual requirements of Siren Service, the use of non-factory parts may reduce performance or cause damage to your siren.  B&M Genuine Factory Parts have been engineered to give the best combination of performance and longevity. 

Contact us for Factory Service and Parts information.