For any information not covered, including older sirens or unique installations,
please contact the factory directly.

Installation and Maintenance Manual
General installation and field maintenance information.

siren installation maintenance instruction manual
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Mounting and Wiring Diagrams

These diagrams are to assist the customer in determining suitable installations
and to assist the installer. 

Physically confirm the fit of the siren before cutting or drilling.

Use care to avoid interference with the movement of tilt cabs,
and ensure that installation of the siren does not interfere with
any other vehicle systems including supplemental restraints.

If there are any questions  regarding proper installation or wiring, please contact the factory.

Diagram Super Chief Pedestal Diagram Super Chief Semi Flush
Diagram CS8B PedestalDiagram S8B Pedestal
Wiring Diagram Standard
Sound Files

Super Chief SirenCS8B SirenS8B Siren
Super Chief Movie